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whisper perfect lies – hacksaw to the throat lyrics

another morning.
another regret.
awake in this life stained in the vile stench.
racing on this path towards redemption and death.
blinded by the light at the end.
searching for a way to ease this hate.
needing this beauty to show me the way.
connected to this,
forcing to break away.
holding your touch,
caressing your soft face.
feeling this bliss you leave me with inside.
feeling this warmth
feeling this lie.
carve out a smile.
leave it in these eyes.
feel this warmth.
live this lie.
tear out this heart.
rip at this bliss.
scarred deep within.
needing a way to fix this.
cut me open.
sew me shut.
whisper perfect lies into these ears.
needing this world,
real or fake.
to suffocate this life of fear.
cut open this sh-ll.
erase everything inside.
sew up these wounds with perfect lies

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