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vampire – death ss lyrics

it’s time! even for tonight
i’m returned back to life!
my short-length life
consacrated to evil”…
from so many years
every night i leave my coffin
and with my bats
i’m transformed into a bloodsucker
looking for your blood.
every night i sow the terror
and before sunrise i leave
the hot sign of my kiss of death!

you common mortals
can’t fight against my curse
and of your lives
i become the only master
until you will be bleeding.
from a long time i’m immortal
by centuries i am the king
but cross and garlic excite my fear!

yes, i’m the vampire!
the king of the night!
yes, i’m the devil
i am the master of your nightmare!

i am the vampire
the prince of darkness!
i am the devil
who asks the blood of human race!

“…come with me in the reign of blood
taste the flavour of red hot!
enjoy yourself in makin’ evil
and sit with me at the left of the devil!
leave your life from all your troubles
to suck men’s lynph you must be able
and when the night restored your living
you’re an immortal fly and your fury’s screaming!

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