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under the flag of mary read – secret sphere lyrics


[aurienne (mary):] i was born
to face the wild winds,
my face is angelic,
my heart’s made of stone,
on wings of freedom
through oceans i’ll fly ’till i’ll die

[pre chorus:]
the sphere: so they love
as love in twain
two natures in one,
two is the number
in this love was slain

[aurinne (mary):]
look at the horizon
and feel the wind,
freedom’s the fire
that burns in my soul,
hear the sea, touch my dream,
it is what i would die for

i raise my head,
i close your eyes into the wind,
under recham’s flag, i cross my dreams
with my secret lovei fight,
i kill like a warrior,
until the end, before my farewell

[#pre chorus]


[aurienne (mary):]
until the end
before my farewell,
under the flag of mary read,
inside a man, outside woman

[#pre chorus]

[aurienne (mary):]
look at the horizon far,
feel the wind of nevermore,
freedom is the fire in my soul,
freedom is what burns in the dark,
my dream it is what i will die for

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