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transition – lazareth lyrics


[verse 1]
life has many chapters, and it’s a shame when
we’re in pain that we lose our before and after
you lose the opportunity to look back and see
how everything in the end, turned out beautifully
in the middle of it, we can lose our vision
in my eyes i see it kind of like a transition
so we gotta find victory in the little things
like when i make a song, write it down, record it
cause apathy has had me floating in an ocean
with no direction, or motivation where i’m going
now i’m hoping that i’m coping with these all of emotions
hurting on the inside, outside i never show it
and that’s just human nature, i think, self-protection
cause vulnerability could lead to us regrettin’
the decision to even, open up to someone else
in fear that they won’t care, or that they won’t help
i remember when we met, and i got up my hopes
now i find myself wishing that we were still close
little did i know the directions we would go
would end up being down diverging roads
it’s unpredictable, the way friendships go
just like the rest of our lives, we never know
what could happen, how it’ll be in the end
if i had my way, we’d still be friends

[verse 2]
i lost some friends, but some are still around
even being 2k away, you’re still down
and i just wanna thank you, ain’t no way i could repay you
cuz you won’t give up on me, ain’t no way i could persuade you
and that is something that i, really truly cherish
cause it’s so rare to find friends down till perish
so i advise you to keep looking hard
and find someone who’s got you in their heart
so many ways that we could be led astray
the distractions of the world will never stay away
i hope you know this: that you always gotta keep your focus
if you wanna succeed, don’t ever think of slowing
don’t ever take your eyes off of the prize
or you could end up just being fed lies
you’ve gotta rise above your mistakes
and really learn from ’em if you wanna be great

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