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the waitress’ story – stephen duffy lyrics


i can’t find the path i took that brought me here
i can’t find the arms that held me in my fear
i can’t remember names and places
forgotten prayers and social graces
all misplaced in the hands i shook
and sprawling with the drugs i took

the waitress’ story ends
so i leave the table and go to my waiting friends
i’ll never be the same again
star crossed and ill begotten world

that beats us every time
and now the only shadow here is mine
and i’m too tired to chase it
across the friday morning sky
another day unfolds it’s pictures

i trust the confusion that made us meet
each sick note and turncoat that made him cheat
now i know that it’s worth trying
to cherish those that stop us crying
who make us feel we’re not alone
and help us roll away the stone

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