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the man from galilee – christy lane lyrics

it was christmas eve in a little texas town,
the snow was falling softly to the ground,
outside a little chapel stood a man,
with sightless eyes, a candle in his hand.

oh lord if you’re there help me in,
i need you to light a candle for a friend,
who came from a land across the sea,
they called him the man from galilee.

but no one seemed to hear his lonely cry,
they laughed in christmas cheer and walked on by,
inside they watched a clock upon the wall,
put silver in the box and left for home.

‘soon the church was quiet in the night,
and one by one the candles lost their light,
in darkness now the old man knelt to pray’
forgive them lord they must have lost their way….

oh lord if you’re there hear my prayer,
let the message of your birthday fill the air,
let the lesson of your love help us to see,
that christmas is the man from galilee.


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