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the f1 drivers’ market song – chain bear lyrics


[verse 1]
ricciardo leaves red bull to start a new life with the yellow team
to stick around with honda would be far too close to h-ll, it seems
when red bull swapped their french engine for one made by the j-panese
it seems the power output didn’t come with any guarantees

[verse 2]
verstappen needs a wingman, not a fiesty antipodean
less an all out racer, more a number two custodian
with dan moving to renauld, carlos sainz could take the second seat
but no one thinks the drivers’ market could be that simply complete

[verse 3]
see, force india have troubles, they are in administration
they’re looking for new owners or a sizable donation
if lawrence stroll takes over will he kick out our man sergio
who might look at mclaren as a place to spend tomorrow

[verse 4]
so, with perez replacing vandoorne, will alonso stay at woking
or try and get the red bull seat? they’ll say “he must be joking”
old man fernando surely must be better off with hanging on
than fighting off the likes of gasly, sainz, and even ocon

[verse 5]
but what about mclaren’s protogé in lando norris?
and russel, even markelov, “there must be some place left for us?”
so, should we say goodbye to hartley stroll and even kimi?
i’d posit even grosjean, but i haven’t got it in me

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