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the anthem – kuniva lyrics


yo, yo, yo
midwest to the next life
your girl ain’t the same, might upgrade her s-x life
gun cash and murder, no particular order
that… state of mind got me pimping your daughter
now i represent the grind of the east
middle finger… while i rhyme over…
your pink game is p-ssy, you’re a joke,
i’m not the on to provoke
put down the ecstasy and c-ke before you end up smoke
and if you’re calling me a b-tch, behind my back,
then you’re a bigger b-tch!
ain’t nothing like a prop n-gg-, playing n-gg-r rich
since i was six years old became militant
i do bad things, plus i smoke weed cigarettes
and i should learn you, i…
i gotta be the most terrible heathen in eden
i’m scheming and plot a way to make some… this eden
my bars are long and shattering your bones…
you ain’t ready for war, my n-gg-…
you eat the cat and gave it ten strokes, you’re ready to snore
i beat the… like some good p-ssy, f-ck her and leave her
while you picture me like… up in the freezer
i make you a believer, the…
lay your body under a din, and leave it to beavers…
irrational, popping a couple capsules
… and all your rap shows deep with some -ssholes
holler at your… homies are rolling up
… f-ck your promoter up
you’re over v-g-n-, ready for pounding, n-gg-
you know that you’re hot
i’m a thousand degrees below that, cold that!

see, the camera’s going wherever… to hold that
hotel rooms full of magnum weapons and cognac
for show that my… so flat
call a comedy… your wallet is where your joke’s at!
no rap, pull up with n-gg-s that all toast clap
we’re first in the truck, so big is like i put the boat back!
i… with hoes, that’s all my c-ke bags
stolen the spots we do the… wile your nose crack
twice as gangsta, so a n-gg-s call me g 2
… or i pee proof
pee to a joint, n-gg-s couldn’t drink to it
… you need to track… back featuring jesus
jesus, why you had to let my leash loose?
now i hunt the streets for me to think of my teeth tooth
think it’s magic…
preachers think while you’re asleep in a three piece suit
call your freak dude, she’ll tell you she don’t need you
and how you always rape her… when at least do
f-ck her till… she sucked till her kneed blew
they know i’m an elite to the cake
give all my head start, still…
i need you to hate, define rap, i think i’ll be a janitor
cause i got the keys to the state
you know the name, boys
in the game, running things and i even dump the flames
my song just made noise
the weak -ss punches, you n-gg-s throwing…
you flip, we show up deep in the…
… guys know what it is before this… see a n-gg- die, do it big
you’re b-tching the p-ssenger…
while i’m pushing something cold like i’m driving in a fridge!

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