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tend my garden – james gang lyrics


would you like to come home with me?
i can think of things to show ya
thinkin’ that i’d like to get to know ya, uh

mornin’, milkman’s comin’
get up, greet my day
evenin’ brings the sun in
still i find my way, yeah yeah

change of plans, makin’ a landin’ to see ya
and i do wanna be your man, oh yeah

sunday, highway drivin’
it all looks about the same
nowhere, just arrivin’
still i play the game, yeah yeah

i’m home, grown, growin’ my own and i need ya
need ya to beg my pardon, to tend my garden

flowers, she’s sittin’ for poses
she wants me to sing my song
hours, she’s like a stoned moses
guess, i’ll sing along, yeah yeah

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