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switch – antwon lyrics

i’m in the poconos with a winter coat
if i blow my nose then it’s finna snow
alpaca in the lining but i didn’t purchase it though
i got it for the freest in my nature so eventually they f-cks with me
pretty -ss n-gg-
molly made me skeet
if that’s tmi, don’t ever f-ckin talk to me
chilling super exotic yeah i’m by the beach
smoking something purple rolled in a gold leaf
if i was ever president they’d never impeach because everything you be gettin you probably got it for the cheap
platinum encrusted side my girls teeth
her swag stay wet like toes of an athlete’s feet
gorgeous n-gg- to your main b-tch
’cause every time she see me at the club all she say is
and now i’m b-mpin on your b-tch

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