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super casanova – super lover cee & casanova rud lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m back but chill, homegirls, don’t mob me
y’all could slob me down but don’t rob me
i’m super lover so come one at a time
because when it comes to crowds, i bust rhymes
dopen ‘em up, synchronize so precise
to make my jams…nice
take off my pouch, then cold chill on my couch
so into me ‘cause i’m relaxin’, i’m no slouch
when it comes to a break, a funky dope pump tape
just press it on material, let it relate
to the partyin’ crowd, it’s for kickin’ it loud partyin’
don’t need to hide the pride, super rud feel proud

su-per…casanova (4x)
[verse 2]
not a trooper, call me super, superb, lover superial
i’m known for pumpin’ the dope on record material
rappers, i’m running ‘em, girls, i’m confrontin’ ‘em
i got so many but only do love but one of ‘em
so, to any girl on the street who try to p-ss me up
i say ‘all right’ and just cold bust the whole ch-ssis up
heard me on the radio, now the tables turn
said ‘he’s awesome but i lost him’, so now ya learned
that ain’t no time for frontin’ and cold stereotypin’
get down on the lover because i’m super and hypin’
up the atmosphere for entertainin’ a crowd
super rud’s here to do it again and feel proud


[verse 3]
here’s a secret, don’t ruin it, i’m puttin’ you on it
claim i never cheated on girls, meanwhile i’m doin’ it
i’m charmin’ and dashin’, beautiful, smashin’
always known for juicin’ girls in an orderly fashion, huh
that’s why they’re pickin’ it, because i’m kickin’ it
when it comes to girls i only like ‘em if i’m stickin’ it, mmm
it’s only right because i claim my love is super
they’re on the jock, you know just what i’m sayin’, trooper
performer from astoria, yes, i’m an astorian
high established rapper so i’m valedictorian
fly and live the life just like a real smooth brother
bad on the mic and i’m a cold stone lover


[verse 4]
yo, stop the beat and cuts before restartin’ ‘em
for all interferin’ mcs, let’s not pardon ‘em
‘cause i’m chumpin’ ‘em, my jams, i’m thumpin’ ‘em
girls act stupid-aly when i’m pumpin’ ‘em
starin’ up a crowd, don’t need to be har-ssin’ me
i don’t have audacity to pull a weak capacity
for now, live short, but i’m prolongin’ the length
don’t ask ‘did you rock ‘em, soop?’, ‘cause on the strength
this mic is forever mine, so have a clever mind
when the other brothers rockin’, pay ‘em no never mind
‘cause i could clock ya, rap and then rock ya
that’s how i locked ya arms
so now you’re linked, people grow fond of you
flash a soop jacket, they start to rendezvous
rushin’ up to us, as they pursue us
say ‘who these frontin’ mothersuckers claimin’ they knew us?’
mmm, that made ‘em leery, i guess i leeried ‘em
sp-cin’ ‘em out, just like a planetarium
kicked it loud but cold kept the crowd
don’t need to hide the pride ‘cause super rud feels proud


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