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summersweet – catch me if you can lyrics

[verse 1:]
i saw you staring at me from the back of the room
and you were dancing but you saw me staring back at you too
and i was watching you watching me, watch you.
and you were leading me on, with the way you move
and i knew just what to do!

so we danced all night (and you held so tight)
and it felt so right (under the spotlight)
and it wasn’t too soon (till i was in your room)
and you felt so smooth (with the way you move)
and you said (“don’t you want me?”)
and we kissed, (and i felt your heartbeat)
when we touched (between your bedsheets)
in the summer heat, oh summer’s sweet.

[verse 2:]
i didn’t want you to leave, but i had places to be
and i kept dreaming of the only girl i wanted to see.
i couldn’t help but think of what she told me.
the minutes turned into hours, days turned to weeks.
i just couldn’t wait to see.


you held me oh so tight
as we had said “goodnight”
kiss me with all your might,
and make my heart ignite


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