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springtime in new york – watsky lyrics


mister softee’s back
the block under attack
frozen mickey mouse head m-ssacre
mac cherry matte glossed lips smack
please mind the thigh gap
pierced venus fly trap
french kiss french roast french toast light frap
french-goodbye the nightcap
full j-panese sleeves
brazilian hair weaves and bazillionaire thieves
heavenly heavily creased c-n-l street queen
25 if a fiend
maybe 40 if she’s clean
shorty in black, nightmare before christmas, ripped, safety-pinned jeans
obscenely scene art crowd
bean-to- bar-insert- fart-sound
far out, daddy-o
daddy issues
data dumpster
dumb on purpose
optimistic prophylactic purchase
swipe right, minimal hesitation
possible digital penetration
popsicle in the b-tthole?
wait—where are you going?
wait. wait. please wait. wait!
my safeword is “safeword”
say word if that’s hot
stop! how much you f-ckin got?
lay up off your cash, your pants, and throw the her pleasure trojans on the top!
drop, kiss the pavement, spread your mothaf-cking cheeks and make em talk
the familiar wa-wa-walk of shame
glittering city of dreams
s-x is on the breeze
must be springtime in the city

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