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social media (ft. kendrick lamar) – chance the rapper lyrics


through the phone everybody swear they on (swear they on)
through the phone got them models and the hoes (and the hoes)
see you trying, but you n-gg-s still look average (still look average)
you can’t fool me with those pictures, why you acting? (why you acting?)

[verse 1] (chance)
look and the goals that i set, hey
i’m going big in this b-tch (yeah)
soon as you come to your senses (wooh)
n-gg-s gonna say that she’s fresh

well f-ck it i’ll get physical, happen on the regular
i might as well be extra, cause i know i can’t be regular
’87 written on the pump, but they n-gg-s wanna take me for a punk
we can take it any way you want, i don’t need a gps on my quest (yah)

if i got a problem i’ll address that (i will)
wish i knew back then what i know now ( i do)
we are not as them, i got a different profile (no)
i was oozing as a rookie now i’m profound (yeah)
pedal to the metal, never slow down (skrrt)
yellow and taddle me homie
i don’t want to talk, you don’t know me (talk, you don’t know me)


[verse 2] (kendrick)
i quit the jug, but i stuck with the cannabis
she held me hostage and here’s what the ransom is
50 ml so i can take away your motor sk!lls
always in the hood, so don’t confuse me with the motorist

serpents in the gr-ss, i got to f-ck around and mow the b-tch
finally got away and now act like i don’t know the b-tch
50 conversations, n-gg-s never coming close to this
i’m flowing with this holiness and n-gg-s better notice this (skrrt)

first n-gg-s tried to box me in
same ones trying to box me out
this sh-t is foul ha? (yah)
pack the shaq the real is back

why you n-gg-s laying up way i’m dunking that (yes, sir!)
came a long way from the dirt road
i’ve been sleeping at a motel (wooh)
n-gg- talking couch to couch
you’ve been sleeping in the car
when they kicked me out
you know news travels fast
through word of mouth


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