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sex noises – poni boi lyrics


[poni boi]

me and you goin’ through
what we wanna do
when we do
what we do
what we gunna do
goin’ through
what we finna do
when we do
what we say we finna do
and i got you
tellin’ me that you
want me to get into you…

and i’m really into you
in all honesty, honestly
i wanna pick you up in that rx8
and take you on a late night dinner date
you tell me how you day be…
you always got my full attention, fully…

but i keep my eyes on the road
trying to avoid the potholes
because if i were to look into your eyes
i’d get lost
and i’m out of data so i use mental navigation
i order for you cause i know what you like
oh, goodness gracious
i try and find the patience…

not to take you to restroom
and show you how i do
we eat and get back to the whip
i open the door for you and close it
get to my side and slide inside
you lookin’ tired in the eyes
so i watch how i drive
takin’ the slow road
so you can close your eyes

we get back to your house and i get out
pick you up and open the door and p-ss the couch
walk you to your room and lay you down
you awake and say
i should stay
so you know i’m stayin’
got me crazy
moments later
i got you sayin’…


[poni boi]
love faces like…
trey songz
i bet the neighbours know my name
at the train station
but you don’t get off
but once you get off
you finish quickly like minute maid
but you stay
ridin’, grindin’
girl, you have no shame

and i’m lovin’ it
got junk in your trunk like fast food
and i’m touchin’ it
tonight’s our night like the last moon
got me in that
i’m finna blast mood
you ridin’ my rocket ship
moon bus
feelin’ like i’m finna bust
already did twice, but…●

i only got two nuts
i know i got you goin’ nuts
listenin’ to the weeknd
majid jordan
and we take the party to the floor
girl, i hear you beggin’ for more
and you say my name like i have amnesia
as i start to reteachya
how to count fingers
as i tease ya

turn on the bedlight
cause i wanna see ya
your tearful eyes
your wet skin
your body swayin’
the headboard banging
your body singin’
and i got you sayin’…


and i bang your body to the beat
of your favourite song
all night long
she say i got that just right long
and i know how to use it
she askin’ me to abuse it
animal brutality
wantin’ me to beat her kitty…

so i get right to it…
and i get right to it…
i slide right through it…
and i do it…

she poke a hole in the condom
tells me it ain’t a problem
she on her pills and she want it raw now
she ridin’ it
straight cowgirl
she hidin’ it
can’t see it no more
far up there
she start to go slow
got me loco
pineapple to my eye
oh, i love the taste…

i hit it
3rd base
i slide right in
beat it like mike
eat it like mike
cooch, breast, neck, and ears
that’s mascara tears
all in like three stripes
shh deep in her wind pipe
she can get all of it
tell me she wanna swallow it…

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