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selfmade – n’playaz lyrics


verse 1:
we came from a ghetto of post ussr
comin’ to the world to show who we are

in my town i wear the crown
aint afraid of u bulling me down

goin from rags to riches,
from loading mags n killin snitches

to being known from coast to coast
raising crystal for da toast

fool u think that life is perfect
well that’s because u haven’t heard the verdict

guilty as sin, where to begin,
these m-th-f—as tryin to fit in

world elites f–kin’ richer than rich
fabricated our world st-tch by st-tch

your throwing gang signs, screaming where are you from!!?
ok, m-th-f—a bring ya sh– on.

goin to the top
nasty game we play

verse 2:
yeah i am white, so what up
i rap better then ya girl can rock

lots of homies do beats but they are aint nice
but i don’t give a f— this beat was made by tnice

this world’s of representing and being on top
one chance is all u got take it on da spot!

we finally made it, our live are loaded
money, jets, cars all dat sh-t sorted

our pockets full of money but its aint a dollar
and the car we rollin in is aint da pala

we had a clean souls but we sold it
to hip hop for life it was worth it

you want my guns, to be part of your time,
the thought of u being all dat just blows ma mind!

man take control of your own life
what ever you want just do it on this ride


verse 3:
yeah, we a white so whats up
black is skin color, not personality , right?

rap music is for all this whole black act is old
get free, have fun stand always tall

because its your own view and perception
live on da highway with no direction

we dreamed of equality and that was right
so what up with all this blacks only rapping sight

stop talkin’ bout dis gangsta cr-p
it aint bout rap or sellin cr—

get out from da ghetto live da clean life
take your chance now it is still yo ride.

who u wanna be? a teacha, a doc
or yo enemy the noisy cop?

make a choice forget da odds
shot for da moon u’ll still reach da stars.


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