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rusty chevrolet – yoopers da lyrics

1. dashing through the snow
in my rusty chevrolet
down the road i go
sliding all the way
i need new piston rings
i need some new snow tires
my car is held together
by a piece of chicken wire
rust and smoke the heater’s broke
the door just blew away
i light a match to see the dash
and then i start to pray
the frame is bent the muffler went
the radio it’s ok
oh what fun it is to drive
this rusty chevrolet

2. i went to the iga
to get some christmas cheer
i just p-ssed up my left front tire
and its getting hard to steer
skidding down the highway
right past the negaunee cops
i had to drag my swampers
to get the car to stop

(repeat chorus)

3. bouncing through the snowdrifts
in a big blue cloud of smoke
people laugh as i drive by
i wonder what’s the joke
i got to get to shopko
to pick up the layaway
cause santa claus is coming soon
in his big old rusty sleigh

(repeat chorus)

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