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road to babylon – dub fx lyrics

i walk alone on this road to babylon
i play the reggaeton and i burn a spliff alone
i feel a fire thats higher than al capone

i wanna get deep like the lake of balaton
so get down low if you want to get it on
and bounce like so yes and move it all around
now jump up high if you want to carry on
put your hands to the sky yes
we’re gonna jump around
move to the sound of your loud stereo
we’re gonna go around just like a merry go
buckle up tight everybody here we go
you might get a fright and loose your ego
you wanna know what you already know
you just don’t know that you have it in your soul
now make your soul glow just like a ufo
and get down deep to feel your inner flow
i walk alone

i’m taking the time to produce my devotion
feel the power of my flame and reuse my emotion
like an ocean of a vein from the rush of an explosion
i’m a trap to my brain and conceded by my notion
pressurize my eyes so i can see the greater picture
realise my size and see the truth about my stricture
let the truth arise in the form of literature
so no lies inside deteriorate my signature
i’m a treacherous mind to my body that is lost
a frozen dangerous rhyme my consciousness
has turned to frost
i’ve lost my sense of time yet my history is embossed
in my mind so i’ll find a goal at any cost
take back the agony that’s in front of me
or let it be and forever see it as a positivity
you’re free to be what you wanna be
but realistically its all a dream
it’s all a dream

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