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puppets and strings – kano lyrics

beach ship sailing on the ocean
each ..blaming on the old dumbs
crown wanna sing p drizzy got
i still wanna save respect ..
.. say what’s happening
say the money’s missing like madeline
feeding mother-cker, take the king back
i know you kept the receipt in the same back

i love the king of the politics
it’s cause the game making no promises
now we from a family looking out the crazy
till they ..and shooting from mercedes
wait, you know the number one king?
independent ain’t the one kay
why don’t you know that you ..
instead of this system the colone jayz

spring finer, summer burning
16s tryin to moving to a furnas
cold wind a broken souls
you ain’t seen nothing if you never seen broke window
streets hungry, streets thirsty
leave more words so they .. early
old school chatter like froggy and thirsty
.. the paper ’cause it doesn’t concern me
make em say la la la,
the game is full of puppets and strings
but they get us sing: la la la
goes running this .. this streets no early occur me
who’s put this london on the map
this to the every mean and louie bag
nothing cooking up and storm like gangsta
’cause my n-gg-s won’t need that like desmonds.

small fish n-gg- ocean
back against the roads hope cope gun
i was listening to laying keep it up a day
still feel the same way that’s why i wrote then
you still real for your own good
f-ck keeping it real for your own hood
no getting the critic about comerse
but later can roll it up, this is new commercial
but if you release 99 now
numbers see some all price south
kingdom wants some wet wet sh-t
but what you want from me is not what i’m obsessed with
down sign of a fool would think of
you do it first but they do it bigger
then i say .. as well ..i’ll put my heart through my head and not just bring sales


1 2
i don’t really took that much
i don’t even know what to say

‘.but i got a few things on my chest
..i was like .. i’m windly
..then i gotta do it with ..
first alb-m ..n-gg- that was magic
label that .. ’cause when i play the sh-t right now
people still go f-cking nuts
hundred thousand record sold yeah we made it and
now would have traded for no platinum
now i go gold and keep my soul
overseas i’m flying now, eating .. dining out
pay for n-gg-s alcohol so what the f-ck they wine em back
soft more that was london town, but some mixtapes in the middle
some said i don’t get commercial
my fingers town they let the singles
someone need to drop bounce boy first tremble see up
couldn’t see .. here the both stuff on f-cks
couldn’t see my vision, i’m running to .. rich
then i was hip hop younger sibling that was in to bigger difference
then this is the kill movie, more feen that i was wishin’
now the cold want more bars more .., more singin’
gun slayed on the girls, like everybody runnin say and came for no love
then one .. street grane of you h-r-s
independent and still bad that major manure
.. money where my mouth is
16 grand cafus, f-ck your faith back sixteen
i live and die for my arm,
but sometimes the industry will put a knife to your heart
my liquor see what definitely be rains in the bar
my tain but if i ain’t ..
and i ain’t never sound it like steps just to claim em jar
so if i never f-cking puppin that’s a .. i’m a dog
some will say that i’m the .. some will say that ..
some will say that i’m a genius
hope they know that i am legend and don’t need no puppet tear
’cause one thing that’s crystal clear ’cause i’m a f-cking pioneer
yeah i want my .. this year, position mission every back on cop this yeah
bumping into harits, couple bags and oxes anybody selling any here
i want one and every color mane

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