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over (feat. ethan avenue & adam lilac) – yuki lyrics


[intro: yuki]

shoutout lonnie smith, richie hart

[hook: adam lilac]

summer days
good times gone to waste

[verse 1: yuki]

reminiscing i’m just reminiscing
on the times that they told me i wouldn’t make it
i know i still haven’t but f-ck it you see this “your getting there
sooner or later”
i say it
reminiscing bout my child hood
cartoon network just to smile good
wanting to just be like gohan, get the spirit bomb to enemies like
i ain’t freezing no way
hamilton to la
high risks? no sh-t
but f-ck it i’ll take the hit
if i lose myself take me away
misunderstood to this day
cover it up like pompeii
but whatever man, i’ll stop complaining like..

no answer
self hate
never really let the thoughts get to my brain

-yuki’s self thoughts”

i’m sitting like…
like imma be alone for alone
shouldn’t my rent on sweaters
these impulse buys are never old
cause i’ve got this void to fill with designer clothes
yea craving for so much cheddar
new alb-m no sh-t i’m better
but mindsets suffering need a
need a someone for me where they at?

[hook: adam lilac]

summer days
good times gone to waste

[verse 2: ethan avenue]

they been acting nice
i can see your lies
see me winning now
don’t you act surprised
don’t call you my line
wanna press rewind
on my f-cking life
man i hate this island
grew up in the south
in my mommas house
i don’t feel ashamed
i don’t go around
don’t speak on my name
i don’t go outside
never knew me then
well i don’t know you now

never cared about the fame
never cared about payment
they don’t hear what we saying
yuki and i on the way
waiting for sun everyday
under the clouds, under the rain
2018 i’m coming la
writing my feels, i’ll drown in my bas-m-nt uh
i can just tell by the taste
we gonna make it someday
out of the mud to the bay
i don’t care either way
f-ck plan b it’s only plan a
thinking back to the day
5th grade when i moved away
my thoughts were heavy and nothing’s changed

[hook: adam lilac]

summer days
good times gone to waste

[bridge: adam lilac]

she left underneath the sun
never thought that i was her only one
good times that fell under the sand
cigarettes that are burning in my hand

[part 2: ok?]

[adlib: stopkart, luis paisley & yuki]

oh sh-t!
ayo? ayo..

[verse 1: yuki]

aye it’s always on my mind
am i selfish if i gotta run away with the feeling of victory
when i am winning they look at me differently ugh
run that sh-t back? oh ok

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