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oh how the years go by – amy grant lyrics


in our times of trouble
we only had ourselves
n-body else
no one there to save us
we had to save ourselves

and when the storms came through
they found me and you
back to back together
and when the sun would shine
it was yours and mine
yours and mine forever

and oh how the years go by
and oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
all through the changes
the soul never dies
we fight, we laugh, we cry
as the years go by

there were times we stumbled
they thought they had us down
we came around yeah
how we rode and rambled
we got lost, we got found
now we’re back on solid ground, yeah
we took everything
all our times would bring
in this world of dangers
cause when your heart is strong
you know you’re not alone
in this world of strangers


and if we loose our way
any night or day
well we’ll always be
where we should be
i’m there for you
and i know you’re there for me


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