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now you’re gone – danny! lyrics


(verse 1)
april 4th, 1998
back when marvin had the scooter with the shiny plates
me and him would split a meal, everytime that we ate
we were happy just to get the tiniest taste
we were more than friends, we was like brothers
we ain’t had much, but we had each other
used to battle for his mother’s
affections… she used to treat me like a son yo
p-ss poor, d-mn if we ain’t had a lot of fun though
sittin’ on the stoop, we had our own rap group
pipe dreams of being rich and famous by 19
but now i’m 22, and all i’d like to do
is fight the dude
that got behind that wheel and sn-tched your life from you
a drunk driver took my partner from me
and to this day i still get nauseous every car that i see
r.i.p…”now you’re gone”

(danny! talking)
people clown me man, y’knowwhati’msayin
i got into an accident not too long ago, and um
i still drive my car with the air bags hangin’ out, y’know
and the front end all balled up and sh-t
they be like, “yo danny, yo what happened to your car man?”
i’ma start telling ’em, yo that’s just marvin trying to get me to come join him yo
sh-t, maybe i will

(verse 2)
october 23rd, 2001
i was just a lil’ n-gg- that knew how to have fun
a couple personality flaws
i had a trust issue with b-tches; my uncle told me ‘never smile at these broads’
but i could sense that you was different from the day that i met you
they way you carried yourself, that way that i’d sweat you
i bet you never thought we’d be the best of friends
i had the best intentions, but let’s pretend
for a second we never met; would you still have the memories
of meeting me outside your dorm when it was only ten degrees?
your hands was freezing when you told me ‘keep pursuing your dreams’
but i ain’t know that it would mean danny losing a queen
i used to think that we would grow old together
but instead you chose to sever the ties
forgive me for the lies…”now you’re gone”

(danny! talking)
sh-t, i can’t front man
i cry at night sometimes, y’know?
i mean, what’s this sh-t all worth
if the person you love isn’t there to share it with you?
i know it’s common knowledge that i took her for granted
now i’m wishin’ i can take it all back

(verse 3)
november 14th, 2003
n-body else at school was screamin’ louder than me
when i discovered i was being expelled, for the h-ll of it
‘you why you gettin’ kicked out?’ forget it, it’s irrelevant
d. swain ain’t never dwell on sh-t
so why would he start now?
the perfect time for him to depart, vowed
to make a name for myself
get some fame, maybe gain some wealth (what else?)
i gave you the pain of a black man going through thangs
just being myself and showing you swain
now a n-gg- feelin’ disenchanted, jaded
’cause instead of gettin’ props, danny got hated
yeah i made it to the top, but i’m tossin’ myself off
d. swain kill his image? chalk it up as a loss
goodbye…”now you’re gone”

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