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never too far – kapel maister lyrics


your time goes by
and years slowly p-ss
in days of light and darkness
you learn the ways of life

everyday you win or loose
every time there is a fight
you grow up trying to find
a meaning for your troubled life
you believe happiness will come
when that golden dream is fulfilled
in the black, unknown future

but someday your dreams won’t shine anymore
don’t waste your tears because
you were blind but now you realize
the uncertain future is nothing to worry about
everything you need is right by your side

true friends and those who care about you
the ones that are never too far
your are peaceful and finally can see
there is so much more to learn because
now you know the meaning of life

dark times are gone
it’s time to smile
when your friend comes

don’t say a word
just close your eyes and thank god
for those you have

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