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melt – stromkern lyrics


waiting in the rain for a sign from above
for a signal to come, for a light that will drive
all my fears away and i hear you say
that you’re going away and it’s forever

watching you say goodbye
left clutching desperation like a hole in the sky
my belief is gone with the coming of dawn
now i stand here waiting…

now – bitter and alone
for determination that this transformation
has given me something of my own
forced and distorted my imagination

the one-time vision is returned
it’s corrupted me and my soul is taken
resplendent in the glory of god
well why do i feel like i’ve been forsaken?

i figured it was tried and true
but now i tried and i’m through
well that ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ new

it’s just another mystery of shame
when you throw it all away
just to see what remains

no matter how i try, i still wake up me
with the same illusions and the same old dreams
so seal my fate with a wave of your hand
let the righteous prevail and the rest be…

just another casualty – just another victim
just another product – another damaged system
just another memory – just another cage
just another wasteland – melt and disengage

just another profile – just another failure
just another promise – another ruined saviour
just another sacrifice – just another day
just another fantasy – let it slip away

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