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love death’s betrothed – weeping birth lyrics


voluble existence
an unaware desperate cry
echoing from nowhere
in an endless death rattle

by convolvuluses and creeping brambles
milliards of hollow shades of pretended souls
caught in the th-rny and grinning web
of decadence

dead eyes that do not see
dead ears that do not hear
seemingly blown by the wind of life…
but these are only dead leaves

weakness enthroned
dissatisfaction procreated
the perverted inverted instincts of life
extolled to heavenly nothingness
oh, moribund god
vomiting to the petrified ground
the self-eschatological lethean flood
of the unveiling nihilism

and i, chewing my limbs with resignation
the acceleration of the natural degradation
choosing loss and self desecration
not under the influence of an redemptive idea
but silent suicide
instead of self-deceit

inseminating instinct of madness
and crowning nothingness upon the living
so is good
against evil
and thus love has turned out to be
death’s betrothed
farewell world
it is you or me.

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