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lone – ninj6 lyrics


if the season changes
can’t blame me fo bein strangers –

chasin pages of paper got man all caged up in danger but

locked in chambers couple angels dat’ll lick fo paper

darth vader i send her to labour when i swing my sabre

ninja k!ller in eskimo garma slash armour
slashin mans arm off for an extra arm to arm up da sawn off

toss off da trigger bullet spitter k!ller jus by a finger
my guns da real sinner pulling fingers catchin some dinner

see me drippin in sauce
stickin’ gucci on wh-r-s
all sorts of drugs in my drawers
n i drug up to explore

i start war for a score
till they ain’t got it no more
but i’ll still leave em to crawl
whilst i f-ck up da mall

thats why we smoke marijuana
to cut da dra in da drama n focus on ma n pa a bit more so say narda ma brudda imma cut em digits wit commas (i promise)

n if i’m honest by august i’ll have enough fo da forbes list

show no sorrow for da sick
i ain’t sorry for no sh-t you pr-ck
i do stick to my word behind da beat when it kicks n sh-t like

if i die tell mommy i hid da money in my tummy except da pennies i threw em at da f-ckin junkies but f-ck it

we’re freeroamin around da dome like we own it
like da zone is free smokin dope n’
boppin c-ke up da nose is doper dan deep throatin liquor
i smoke to clear up da picture
i sacrifice my lungs n liver if it’ll get me more richer

mother f-cker i feel you

or mother f-cker i’ll k!ll you

if it’s a dog eat dog world where the dogs so i can k!ll em

fill em p-ss-es wit s-m-n

feed em b-tches n green em’

f-ck dating dates who bring extra dates to the table

there’s no f-cking way your pockets can be able to carry that extra weight for the hazel, blond b-tches

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