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lights – landon rogers lyrics


well times are getting hard and you’re either taking or
you’re giving
and the president of the czech republics stealing pens
to make a living
but there’s a knife cutting it’s way loose from it’s
and you won’t feel the bite but you’ll see the marks
left from the teeth

well this night it last so long
and it leaves you all alone
so baby leave the lights on
and i will follow them home

they killed a bad man and now they’re dancing in the
screaming out a lot of things i don’t care to repeat
and there’s a fire burning somewhere down below
and you’ll still feel the burn even if the flames and
smoke don’t show

we lost our souls but
this body is all my own
so baby leave you light on
if you want me to come back home

well death is a thing we live to corrupt
and love’s a volcano but it never erupts

well we killed a good man and now they’re dancing in
the streets
and my father tells me something about how history
they strung him up like a skeleton on halloween
and now we’re killing for his words because we don’t
know what they mean

‘where has my bride gone, did she leave my throne?
well father leave your lights on and i will carry her

i lost my soul but this body is all my own
so father turn your lights off, i’m never coming home

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