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lady of silence – secret sphere lyrics


[the sphere:]
the court of eternity
has given the sentence,
her mistery lives in the eyes of blinds,
cond-mned to a life without light
where love lives at the borders of reality

[pre chorus:]
[aurienne (henry):]
now your shiny will,
your will fills my eyes,
hold you memory
through this infinite dawn

[aurinne (henry):]
i want you, i feel you,
you’re in my heart forever,
this pain i feel,
my lady of silence,
surround me forever

[the sphere:]
fall from grace
and nigth falls down,
oh she can see,
her dreams become her nightmare
[lady of silence:]
nothing will come,
nothing will tear us apart
except my cond-mnation,
all the pain i’ll live

until the end of time…


[aurienne (henry):]
i breath the cold,
my neck skin crawl,
i look in darkness wondering where you are,
a shadow’s there, stare in the eyes,
i try to kiss who nevermore will live

where am i now? in a new dimension?
is it the reign of eternity?
i was fightened to loose my way,
like an angel i’m flying, flying high


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