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kids these days (live at levon’s) – shakey graves lyrics


i’m so f-cking high
oh, gonna live forever
but, oh how time flies by
for kids these days

well, sure you got some good advice
from an unsuccessful husband
well that’s not where the road ends
oh, it’s kids these days

well, so no one ever checked
yeah, and no one ever prospers
that’s not how the laws work
oh, for kids these days

so go and let it ride
to let you know i’ve found you
and that’s just what the youth do
oh, for kids these days

they all listen to songs that go “baby girl”
oh, they wanted this to be [?]
’cause you i’ll give you the world
oh, i see you walking all the time
and i’m thinking i’ll come on by
ooh, this time
’cause if i would be right
you must be my baby girl

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