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justify the means – construct lyrics


so you hate what you’ve become
in your mind you’ve come undone
but you and i are bound to be one

let green fill your eyes
to beat what you despise
from ashes straight up to the skies

you’ve got something to prove
but nothing more to lose
you’re holding on to all the things you once refused

you say you wanna change the world
well first change what’s inside
for all you know, our minds coincide

gaining the possessions we all crave
salvation from an early grave
departing from the life you claimed to save

look beyond the boundaries
this vessel you have found
is nothing but a crutch to the emptiness inside

perception full of fears
leaves no sp-ce for dreams
but in the end, does it even matter?
does it justify the means?

see the path that you have chosen broken beneath your feet
now listen to the real saviour written in concrete

and when all is said and done
the only thing on your mind
is where our thoughts collide

through all these gruelling days and sleepless nights
we’ll dominate our own messed up paradise

now, accept dependence of another kind
how? reveal the darkness, open up your mind

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