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inheritance – stromkern lyrics


so tired, always thinking about
just why this is the way it is
seems easier to just let go
turn off, give up and just f-cking live
but then that nagging suspicion
well it always returns
makes me wonder if it’s far too late
can’t turn the clock back, can’t turn around
just surrender and accept my fate
just surrender and
just surrender and

just surrender and accept my fate
wasting my energy and wasting my time
got nothing to say and no one wants hear
it’s so pathetic how i try and i try but
i never once stop to face the fear
you think you’re going somewhere
let me fill you in
your life’s over before you even let it begin
obsessed with rules
you really have gone the wrong way
just relax, settle in and watch it decay
i’ve got this will to live but yet i don’t know why
somewhere along the line i just forgot how to die

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