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in the old days – j4ydizz1e lyrics


[verse 1: j4ydizz1e]

boy i spit hot bars like a heater, you are jared fogle, i’m the rapper eater
hate when n-gg-s wanna try and steal my style, boy you rocking beaters, my watch from the freezer

i keep making money off of doin features, shouts to nizzmey shouts to derek jeeter

i am off the meter, f-ck what you gotta say i don’t give a f-ck so no need to get heated

ooh, d-mn, i made you mad? if you is mad? n-gg- get glad

i do not like it when haters get sad cause you not hating no you just sitting there sad

f-ck all the fame n-gg- i’m wanting cash, love my b-tch loving so i clap her -ss

i’m stacking up while you n-gg-s get lost after this mixtapes done your whole worlds finna crash

[hook: j4ydizz1e]

in the old days, listen n-gg- i would tell you for days (x2)

[verse 2: j4ydizz1e]

ooh, i’m on a new level, n-gg-s wanna race well my foot’s on the pedal

i keep on balling these hater they do well and yes i am icy you all really could tell

i am the man with the flavor, most of my songs are so major

rap is game and i wanna play it now i am so i guess i’m a player

i cross you make you a skater, i stay suited my clothes layered

i am from the snow, you had never known, my heart is as cold as my chains’er

she hear my music that sh-t changed her, she loving how my crew gets paper

she’s leaving yo -ss for a cute boy and cash and you sitting there lost life in danger

[hook: j4ydizz1e]

in the old days, listen n-gg- i would tell you for days (x2)

[verse 3: j4ydizz1e]

you know you the man when you got you some fans and these n-gg-s stay hating cause they ain’t got fans

so you stack up your money as high as you can and you say f-ck these n-gg-s cause you got a plan

to eliminate all of this hoes in advance, listen n-gg- i stay running up bands

who in the world said that you couldn’t do it? f-ck anyone the powers in your hands

ooh, smooth, i’m so d-mn cool, momma told me n-gg-s wanna be you

now i’m looking at these n-gg-s in life, she was right because these n-gg-s they fools

i keep reaching goals in music i made, and the projects out so that is one too

you madder than a b-tch this n-gg- ain’t you, and matter fact i got ya hoe wit me too

[hook: j4ydizz1e]

in the old days, listen n-gg- i would tell you for days (x2)

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