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i’ll pretend – swamp dogg lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ll pretend that you’re gone, on vacation
and you’ll be back in a week or maybe two
and when the phone rings i’ll pretend it’s you calling
to tell me you miss me and you’re coming home soon

[verse 2]
i’ll pretend i don’t hear when silence tells me
that i’ll have to get by on my own
i’ll pretend i don’t hear when loneliness speaks so clear
and try to tell me you’re not coming home (not coming home)

[verse 3]
right now my life
ain’t nothing but a dream
how long can i fool myself?
into believing you’re coming back to me

[verse 4]
i can see you laying in his bed
like i caught the two of you in fact
everybody told me it was coming
but i chose to be blind

[verse 5]
i’ll pretend your clothes are hanging in the closet
and i’ll pretend your perfume fills the air
and as i sit in our favourite restaurant
i’ll pretend that you’re meeting me there

[verse 6]
i’ll pretend when i visit our old friends
that you’re sitting down by my side
and when our old friends ask
how am i doing?
i’ll pretend i’m not losing my mind

oh [?] lonely
ain’t no mind
can’t live like this
i forgive you
please come back
i can’t live like this
i love you
and i forgive you
and i want you

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