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i don’t go to usa – stephan remmler lyrics


ach, everybody on vacation
everybody everywhere
my girlfriend gretel left the nation
i guess right now she’s in the air

she said she wants to go to dallas
honolulu and la
so we both went to the airport
but i didn’t go away

’cause i don’t go to usa
on my mountain i will stay
i don’t care what people say
i don’t go to usa

he won’t go to usa
on his mountain he will stay
he doesn’t care what people say
he won’t go to usa.

maybe she’s in chattanooga
maybe she’s in new orleans
acting as if she was born there
running round in her blue jeans

too many cars, too many people
this is not the plane for me
i want my sundown on a mountain
and after that i watch tv

i’m happy here in sankt kathrein
give me my schnaps and i feel fine
i don’t mind to be alone
but i want to be at home

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