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hold – krs-one lyrics

yeah yeah
mmmmm mm
alright, here we go
i’m thinkin’ real hard about some money i can hold
but everybody i know is deep in the hole
a steady payin’ job is too hard for me to hold
i call around for work but they puttin’ me on hold
but in my hand a shiny .45 is what i hold
i make a mayonnaise sandwich out of some whole-
wheat, i’m feelin’ weak, i can’t hold
i gotta rob somebody tonight and take the whole
bank roll, some cash i gotta hold
at the bottom of my shoe is a little bitty hole
that’s it, my mental sanity i can’t hold
i’m walkin’ to the store with this pistol that i hold
yeah yeah
half of me is sayin’ maintain and uphold
suddenly i b-mp into some -sshole
he’s cursin’ me out, but this pistol that i hold
took control, and in his head i put a hole
ahhh man, now i’m lookin’ around the whole
area, the gun is still hot that i hold
i’m buggin’ out, and i don’t know how much longer i can hold
i feel myself sinkin’ deeper in the hole
so in my victim’s pants i rip a little hole
and felt for the wallet, and took the whole
bill-fold, forty bucks is what i hold
suddenly i hear, freeze! police! hold
yeah mmmmm
come on
yeah wooh
come on
in the penitentiary i see a whole
bunch of blacks and hispanics that they hold
in my cell i cry like h-ll, my head i hold
one day somebody ax if my shoes they could hold
i told this guy, listen! my shoe’s got a hole
but what’s up with that shiny sharp knife that you hold?
he lunged forth, the first thing that i thought of was to hold
the arm with the knife so that he couldn’t put a hole
in me, but then i put him in a chokehold
took the knife and in his neck i put a hole
suddenly all the c.o’s come to me and it’s me they hold
beat my -ss and i spend two weeks in the hole
i’m ready to bug out, my sanity i can’t hold
my needs and wants messed up my life on a whole
d-mn. just wasn’t satisfied with life
yeah uh
the moral to the story is your addiction to your needs and your
wants is what causes problems in your life. make sure you got whatcha
need. put at a safe distance all the things that you want. it’s wants
that get you into trouble
this is the balance of life the balance to life on a whole

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