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hardwire (a new form of beauty) – stromkern lyrics


misguided judgement for a hope
that tomorrow will bring damages home
forgetting what you know so everything
seems perfect on the outside

somewhere in the distance
a resistance to defenses
that block out the noise

i’ll see you lying on the floor
the blood of ages
tearing from your eyes

and sympathy and tyranny
and everything you ever took from me
seeing how an action brings forth an emotion
hoping for a day that will never come

say deadlines fill you from the inside
bring euphoric taunt and torture
service to say energy all washed away
climb fall bringing me to want it all
and i’m scared
and i fear

and i see you falling far away
and there’s nothing i can do or say

cry for love a cry for sight
a cry for victory tonight

so welcome me to liberty
upon a sea of tribulations
christ upon a wave of sorrow
i won’t live to see tomorrow

watching you from far away
and there’s nothing i can do or say
to prove the hardwire’s burning edge
continues on and pushes over

cramp a life a fatal crime
a visionary sort of downtime
a nervous tick that brings me through the floor
and then i drown

and now the water crushes me
and now the waves move to condition
once upon a time i had a feeling

i want to push it all away
i want a dreamless sleep tonight
i only wanted you to say
that everything will be all right

and hey child, you can count on me…

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