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hands – kahrion lyrics


jump off the bridge or let all the sh-t hit the fan
it’s all in my hands hands hands hands hands hands hands

i cannot fake the funk
i’m finna face a blunt
why u so negative
prolly cuz yo sh-t in negative
what the f-ck is it to talk about
f-ck my daddy i ain’t walkin out
old ghost keep poppin up
u can stay broke & popular
i got the sight for myself like binoculars
i might f-ck around & be a optometrist
i know greatness & my name is synonymous
u ain’t thorough cuz yo word u don’t honor it
i could give a f-ck about yo acknowledgements
i could give a f-ck about who they following
in my mind i’m high i’m soarin
forgiatos on the foreign
i can’t f-ck wit her she borin
i can’t wife her cuz she hoeing
fishtailing when it’s snowing
energy i feel it potent
i stay close to the spirit
i’m the least bit religious
but i swear to god i feel it
i was born like this
since we was kids, n-gg- u was just a krillin
outta all these numbers in the whole wide world
u are just a single digit
i brought rice for the pigeons
i bought pots for chickens
i’m at peace wit decisions
i ain’t never seen the ceiling
angels in the outfield
how we make sh-t real
i know imma see a million
how we movin wit precision
i know imma feed the children
make the velle pop a wheelie


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