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grave! – lil gnar lyrics


[intro: lil skies]
n-gg- try us, we gon’ put him in his grave
we gon’ put him in his grave

[chorus: lil gnar]
issa knife like 21, my mama raised a savage
pull up in the ‘rari with the fye’ like dragon
[?] like the car, tell it f-ck around, get tragic
what happenin’?
phone call your mama, she gon’ come collect your casket

[verse: lil skies]
we gon’ put ’em in his grave (sh-t!)
closed casket, no case
ima hide my face
my bullets shoot with pain
tell her fall back, i need sp-ce
we ahead of them in this race
gimme’ good top in the range
woah, did 180 up on the dash
i count it up like it’s math
i ball hard like i’m steve ash-woah
i f-cked your b-tch then gave her back
you hit her phone like “where you at?”
i got her creeping through your backdoor
ay, i got vvs on my teeth

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