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good together – james barker band lyrics


like headlights and a pitch black night
like a white t-shirt and a worn out pair of jeans
like a song you know and a radio
like windows down and driving down main street
like wild, free and being seventeen

we go good together
yeah you and me
we were meant to be
we’re like fireworks in a full moon sky
yeah the two of us
we’re dirt roads and dust
we’re like a first kiss and b-tterflies
like goodbye goes with september
good love goes with forever
we go, we go, we go, we go good together
we go good together

like the girl of your dreams and a back seat
like sat-rday nights and getting loud
like a john deere and an ice cold beer
like a touchdown and the sound of the hometown crowd
like a diamond ring and one knee on the ground


there’s something ’bout your hand in mine, just feels right
we’re two of a kind till the end of time and it keeps on getting better
we go good together
we go good together


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