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girls i could have fucked – reno divorce lyrics


girls i coulda f-cked

i’m sure you’ve heard this one before,
what goes around comes back to you…
i forsaken all others this time,
and you proved the saying true…

i played it straight for so long,
let’s place the blame where it belongs…
remember these last words before it’s shut…
i’m haunted by the girls i coulda f-cked

i wish i could make light of it,
i wish i knew what made you do the things you did…
as for the new leaf i turned,
it was too little too late, who was i trying to kid?

oh, the history that we shared,
turns to a future i can’t bare.
the sh-t’s h-t the fan but i can’t duck…
and i’m surrounded by girls i coulda f-cked.

there’s no where for me to hide,
the shame stares at me in your face….
every female p-sserby,
i’ll know what to do with next time, just in case….

sins i wish i could confess,
are yours to get off your chest,
i watch as the best laid plans run amuck…
i’m surrounded by girls i coulda f-cked.

you’re girlfriends, and your sister, too
but my heart belonged you,
in hindsight that theory really sucks,
cos all of these were girls i coulda f-cked…

girls you know i really could have….
if i had the chance i would have….

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