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games – lexx gunna lyrics


lexx gunna- games

you back with this back and forth sh-t
it’s fun and games til i ain’t sticking around for the bullsh-t
told you before if you ain’t see my love then you done lost it
now you upset and want me back cause a n-gg- on it
you took my feelings and you toyed with it
it’s like my love for you was stronger than the pain and i just rolled with it
ain’t know no better so i stayed with you
how could you feel for another girl even though i laid with you
i told you i won’t play no games with you
cause what i saw you in was different and i thought that i was saving you
i mean i wish that i could’ve stayed with you
but on the other hand i know my worth and i’m done playing with you
can’t waste my time on a trash n-gg- and baby girl if he don’t treat you right trust me it’s better and bigger
i moved on and my life looking better
more focused on stacking this cheddar
no bryson tiller but i’m back and i’m better
my old n-gg- i done left in the winter
my friends told me that i could’ve done better
i wasn’t listening i was blind for the better
i mean for the worst
i know it’s real so of course this sh-t hurts
i wish i knew that this sh-t wouldn’t work
i gave you everything i had and you always came first
and now i’m stuck here feeling stupid and i don’t know what’s worse
was it the love i gave to you or the time i gave up or the plans that i canceled just because we linked up
and now i’m on some grimey sh-t
and i feel the love you gave to me it was counterfeit
by the time you hear this song you gonna realize at the end
all the sh-t you put me through i done learn that pain mends

kj: i’m tired of all the phone calls man i told you i be busy you stay worried about a b-tch while i’m rolling up a spliff how the f-ck you supposed to trust me when you buggin on some other sh-t everybody know you the only one i’m f-cking with

lexx: same sh-t same sh-t i hear it all the time why you keep wasting my time why this b-tch calling my line now you coming out the blue that i’m the only one you f-cking with and i gotta trust you and i’m bugging on some other sh-t

kj: yeah you on some other sh-t who this b-tch you talking about you checked my phone last night now you out here wallen out every single time you be getting in your bag all these b-tches in your ear tryna get you mad

lexx: nah n-gg- i ain’t mad i’m just telling you the truth ain’t sh-t you can say when a b-tch got the proof matter of fact you a dub n-gg- now you outta luck calling my line when you hurt n-gg- i don’t give a f-ck

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