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french – slymeboyzcult lyrics


(hook: aegis n-ble)

packages come through the mail
everyday a fire sale
all these calls, i never fail
french girl neck, she french inhale (x2)

(verse 1: wastemane)

i just want a crib
i just want a whip
i don’t need a pound
i just need a zip

i just need a b-tch to roll up my weed
if you know who got the product, i can get it for free
if you get caught lacking, you ain’t get it from me
imma get top cold sagging out in the keys

i’m like lee
i just wanna sag and sell dope, boy
running out of hope still brag and blow smoke, boy
cause i’m a motherf-ckin’ lunatic
i’m like twebs, make a b-tch just -ssume i’m rich
i think all you fake rappers should consume a d-ck
and smoke a sack, go and make a tune and dip

go and flex your whip in your own lane
make a track and devastate the whole game
it’s getting hard to keep my levels maintained
rocking two loose screws and a pitchfork chain


(verse 2: skeep)

you can
join ya boy on his next adventure
when he kicks with a b-tch in the fifth dimension
p-ssed and reckless
all because he missed his breakfast
tank’s on e, he can get defensive

swing and a miss never hit the fences
but the kid had a gift with the written sentence
born with a crown and an emerald pendant
with the keys to the world, and the means to end it, and it feels stupendous

well, it would, if the suicidal thoughts and depression ended
sos, he’s in distress
he sent the signal
but n-body was around to get the message

nowhere to hide from the blistering sun
nowhere run when the pestilence comes
stingers and tongues
the work of the gravedigger never is done

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