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essentials – messngr lyrics


verse 1:
douc-menting every track, thats credential
ain’t no time to play it back, thats sequential
imma pop and be right back, thats essential
leader of the wolf pack, presidential
time to -ssemble
sending messages out to people that wanna make a difference
not just by living, but by the movements, that you pusuing, set your mind to it
all y’all be booing, while i be chefin’
cookin up them beats you can call me fieri
see me on tv but not h-lls kitchen
searching for the places that keeps me reflecting, look
reflecting off of the good and bads
to see the world, man olympian
i see you mom & i see you dad
this is for my hawaii fam
got a hand? all i need is a check
raining money just call it a drip
top it off & then take in a rip
take it all in, im feening the spin
but lately i’ve been feelin lonely
maybe cause im always stayin low-key
i dont hang around with all these phonies
said you know me but did never know me x2
verse 2:
strive for the best thats potetial
feel to my kness thats torrential
failed overand over thats sequential
boiz got my back thats prudential
gotta go in gotta strive for that gold
just some youngins dreaming of a wide platnium pictured show
boutta ripp off
boutta let my talent show, never gunna hold
never gunna stay back in the corner and feel cold
gunna explode
gunna show out
never gunna blow out
i speak truth behind my flow out
i start contraversy to point out my beat like abc
as eazy as 1,2,3
call me lebron cause im the king
mess with me you’ll get my team
day one boiz we stay so clean
i got everything i need
i said im a dog & you a flea
bout to get it at my full potienal
cause everything around me man thats my essentials

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