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crown – mason jennings lyrics


if eyes are the mirror of the soul
you will find in my the scorn and apathy
you will read my hatred as in a curs’d book
you will see yourself as i see you

it is a mirror sombre and opaque
which protects me, which stifles me
a great ditch around the heart
which rejects, which estranges me

there is a world in my head
a dead world where nothing lives
and it is there i am, too far,
far too far to be rejoined

a crown of th-rns is still a crown

i am a king in a kingdom of suffering
i have taken my time to reach this stage
i have taken pains to torture myself
to descend, to descend
into pain, i exist
and i my brain is numbed
the th-rn in my flesh
can overcome apathy

there is glory in humiliation
a throne to be taken, a crown to win

i have no more tears,
and my smile has lost its brilliance
i have forgotten who i was,
i have killed my emotions
crushed, empty, weary,
always standing, i am a tree
awaiting the lightning

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