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come on over – alley boy lyrics

feat. kt

come on and go with me
come on over to my place
said, say you ain’t gotta
worry ’bout yo’ man
baby girl, just hp up in the benz
come on over to my place

the other lane got me stressed out
pulling yo’ weed out
you in my line every time a n-gg-
leave eye.
i’mma put some in your purse
tell me what you’re worth
all this sh-t you never did
we gon’ do it first
i want your smile, your heart is good for eva
i’mma put karat, girl, bling for eva
i’m gettin’ money, so it’s on me
that n-gg- broke, you should go with me
my spot clean, so take off ya shoes
he got the keys, got it on you
i seem to realize in yo face
i’m tryna make my plate your plate


ain’t no pressure on this money
i provide for ya
why you layn with that n-gg-?
he can’t do fo’ you
i can see you really hatin’ on it
cause that’s really, put yo hands on it
you too pretty fo’ that bullsh-t
i wanna get you out that bullsh-t
tryna get ya out to my place
and tryna f-ck you on the first date
we get caught up, we spend the night
i’mma be patient ’til you feel it’s right
ain’t try to say i am a perfect n-gg-
just know i’m better than that last n-gg-


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