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bricks – joey trap lyrics

your girl addicted to c-ke (c-ke), bet ya didn’t even know (know),
she suck my d-ck then she choke (choke), she like the that i flex,
you wont get wait up n-gg-,
i got water like this sh-t a setup n-gg- you get slaughtered,
she chasing the raze like sonic b-tch,
i told you b-tch stop fallen in love b-tch that’s not an order.
re-po, b-tch i got a britch on like a freezy-oh,
pull on some n-gg- home de-po,
swear that b-tch calling me lingo, i just be sippin that lean tho,
boy i be balling like kemo (kemo), sit on my d-ck like a seat tho,
fine then your b-tch cannot deep throat, shock-co brain no kurt,
kurt-cocaine at work, used to call me dad, now she call me jerk,
with the with the bricks,
with the with the sh-ts, with the with the bricks…

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