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bout it – old eng lyrics


[sample from invasion of the body sn-tchers]
the function of all life, is survival

[verse 1- crooked smile]
crooked eat p-ss-es like you in the morning
don’t f-ck with me, understandable i am the canable
old english just wrecked that lil punk
who the next victim?
i am the king, take a look at my thrown, made out of cowards who dared the demon
i’m steeping off of vicodin, got a whole bottle
when you see me, you know who the f-ck it is ’bout sh-t

[verse 2- slxth]
slxth sh-t
always on the come up and i’m never coming down
lots of sh-t being said but no one is around
i’m posting up with an ounce just to f-ck around
cut the swisher, roll the loud, spark the blunt, feeling proud
my homies call me slxth
cuz when i’m feeling kinda off
i roll 4 blunts then i go light em up
i’m doing what i can to come up out the tuc
but my soul might be lost and it’s all my fault

[verse 3- gho$t thy prodigy]
sit the f-ck down boi, ill sweep his -ss like mr clean, im blowing up like tnt, she on her knees like gho$t please, half these f-ckng p-ss-es never heard of me, im everything you can’t be, stay awake ain’t tryin to sleep, never holding grudges always ending all that beef, complain about life and you in the game, you comming out bustin with nothing to say, send me the word ill end it today, maybe one day youll be okay, run on f-cking home you better pray, gho$t dont show send you to your grave

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