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bliss – jam-riv lyrics


guess who’s binnack
still smoking dro
with the yak
watch me attack
we ain’t sending em back
recycle ♻️ my flow
gotta keep a bad roster
we recycle them hoes
so many blunts we had to burn
we was cooking up o’z
when i was young
younger lord
i used to make mixtapes
back when boyz was n the hood
i knew i had to be great
before i even understood
measurements of the weight
tried to put a n-gg- on
but i could hardly show face
i can do anything except
show up late
everything was all good
until i showed up late
look this ain’t my only job
so who increasing the pay
as of today (man)
i’m just tryna get laid
so you know i take you higher
i’m the highest degrade
and you know i love to study
just higher my grade
no other one to lover
can’t n-body replace
if i’m walking on the water
tell me how you retrace
if no one’s below above me
tell me where do i place
n-gg-s tryna extort me
we coming straight for the safe
said my heart ain’t in the field
we make it harder to strafe
baby tried to save me
i thought i had a cape
tell me what’s it gonna be
before this sweetest escape
the way they feeding me beats
relates to feeding grapes

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