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a time to die – connersvine lyrics


here i am alone again
the rise and fall against the wind
alive i’ll be the last to carry on
i see the writing on the wall
for every dream to crash and fall
and tremble like the darkness at the dawn

this is the time to die
this is the time to separate
this is the time to celebrate
leaving this world behind
the time to die
the waters have risen high again
and all of my idols tremble in
the wake of your love divine

so raise me from my bended knees
who bow to things that cannot see
and lift me to a place where i stand
replace my heart and all i lack
and place the wood upon my back
the cross of my dear lover, savior, friend

so take my dreams and take my wealth
and all betrayal you have felt
take them as a tool for sacrifice
to work to kill or even still
your kingdom dreams to fulfill
today this altar is my stage for life

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