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6ix million wayz – mc shinobi lyrics


masta lenn in this b-tch south bronx
bx gold soul uh
check it out young allah uh
check it yo yo yo

masta lenn:

yo fiends be drugged out
in the staircases sh-t is bugged out
six million ways to die they chose the drug route
i chose the thug route
to the next sun out
working the graveyard, check the skeletons in my closet
sold crack in my lobby you can ask my grandma bout it
the livest illest realest n-gg- from the boogie
snotty nose little n-gg- trying to catch a juxxie
i ain’t have a pops & my mom used to whoop me
to get it on my own i learned not to be a p-ssy
they shook, cause half -ss thugs afraid to look
man ain’t sh-t sweet, why should i play by the book
left hook & a right jab, fighting like im zab judah
but still im man enough to come & shoot ya
son never tresp-ss could catch a chest blast
you drown in bloodbath
be smart, stop acting dumb man
before you die today better ask god for some luck fam

mc shin-bi:

with six million ways, to be taken from this earth
you just had to cross my path, knowing that i put in work
when it comes to making lives quickly flash im the worst
all your seeing is your birth from my face to the dirt
i know my worth and my weight
beretta sprays set you up, making crowds evacuate
carefully i calculate
drastically i navigate throughout this world
with all this variation of death
lives’ll be taken faster than shin-bi takes your girl
they say life’s a b-tch
so i f-ck that b-tch hard enough to make here toes curl
and her eyes roll around to the back of her head
cause its born alone die alone im already dead
within the city, eight million stories are told
and out of eight million stories six million withhold
tales of lives being taken, pertaining to death
so as long as im around ill be training
so the next motherf-cker never has a chance to take my last breath

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